Harlequin Historical Advent Giveaway

Well,  I can’t say that this is my first blog post, because I’ve done lots of guest blog posts when I’ve had a new book out, but this is the first blog post for MY blog. Not something I was planning ever to do, I might add. However the Harlequin Historical Advent Giveaway is upon us and my aging laptop has done a number on my website files. So here we are.

The Harlequin Historical Authors Holiday Giveaway is back. In the spirit of an Advent calendar, the authors are giving away daily prizes and a Grand Prize of a Kindle Fire (or equivalent tablet depending on your location). Play every day for more chances to win.

The Rules:
Each participating author will have an activity planned on their website for their special day. You may be asked to comment on a blog, find an ornament, or visit a Facebook page. For each day you participate, your name will be entered into the Grand Prize drawing.

At the end of the month on December 23, one day from the calendar will be randomly selected. One of the entrants from that day will then be randomly selected to win the Kindle.
The more days you visit, the better your chances!

Happy Holidays and we look forward to seeing you.

Nearly Christmas! I started thinking about presents for people, husband, kids, in-laws, out-laws. It occurred to me that every so often someone gives me a gift that is absolutely perfect for the moment. Many years ago I house-minded for one of my singing teachers. The gig included the budgerigar. Sadly I returned one evening to find the budgie dead on the bottom of the cage.

Doing all this started me thinking about presents for people; husband, kids, in-laws, out-laws. It occurred to me that every so often The Other Half gives me a gift that is absolutely perfect for the moment. Many years ago I house-minded for one of my singing teachers. The gig included the budgerigar. Sadly I returned one evening to find the budgie dead on the bottom of the cage.

Panic stations! And more than a little ironic …. I’d been out at a musical evening singing Tom Lehrer’s classic, Poisoning Pigeons in the Park!

Convinced I had somehow caused this disaster by my classy choice of repertoire, I rushed out the next morning to find the family a new budgie. Several months later I turned twenty one, a fairly significant birthday in anyone’s life. And what did my beloved give me to mark this auspicious occasion?

A papier mache budgie!                               Paul's Trip 2013 295

About 18 months later my adored old Labrador died. I was heartbroken. I’d had Tim since I was eight and a world without Tim was unthinkable. So what did my beloved give me for my next birthday?

A Beswick china Labrador!   Paul's Trip 2013 297

What do you do with a guy like that? Well, in my case I married him.

To enter my part of the Harlequin Historical Authors’ Holiday Giveaway, tell me about a very special gift that you have either given, or received. You can comment here, or check out my Facebook page, which basically repeats this post anyway, or email me via my very out-of-date website www.elizabethrolls.com and I’ll put you in the draw for a copy of whichever one of my books you’d like. And I know it’s confusing about which time zone folks are on, so I’ll keep “my day” going for a little longer just to make sure.

Happy Holidays!


39 thoughts on “Harlequin Historical Advent Giveaway

  1. charlotte mcfall

    The best present i received was for my 25th birthday my mum gave me her diamond engagement ring, that my dad had given her forty years before. I only wear it when i am going out as i am scared to loose it. The best present i have given was to my hubby and kids i bought them all a ps3 that was a quite Christmas i could read in peace for hours. 🙂

  2. elizabethr1963 Post author

    Charlotte, I understand your fear of losing such a precious gift. I have my grandmother’s engagement ring. Only I wear it all the time, because I’m too scared to take it off in case I lose it. LOL!

  3. karenh43

    Years ago, I gave my mother a Mother’s ring that was set with 5 Lindy Star Sapphires, set in a circle with a diamond in the middle. Each of the sapphires were a different color representing the birthdays of mom (May), dad (December), my 2 brothers (one in July & one in November), me (November) and my daughter (November). Since there was only room for 5 sapphires, we decided the diamond in the middle represented my son even though his birthday is October. It was a beautiful ring and she wore it nearly every day from the time I gave it to her in 1978 to the day she died in 1993.

    Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for the giveaway too.

    1. elizabethr1963 Post author

      That is just lovely, Karen. She must have treasured that ring. It’s really special to see someone wearing something you gave them. My one and only foray into knitting was a scarf for my father when I was about 14. He wore that scarf every winter until it fell apart.

  4. sandrajones

    In the first few years of my marriage, my husband and I struggled to make ends meet. I remember saving for months to buy him a recliner for Christmas, and his surprise was worth it. As for the greatest gift I’ve received, it’s having my sons home from college, and my family around for holiday dinner. Nothing beats it!

    1. elizabethr1963 Post author

      I often buy my husband’s present early, when I see something special. But I think the best present I ever gave him was a puppy for his birthday. We had Jessie for 17 years. She was absolutely “Daddy’s little girl”.

  5. Lou Taylor

    Happy Thanksgiving. The best gift I received was for my birthday 14 years ago, a beautiful yellow lab. The BEST DOG ever. A month ago we had to put him down and I’m lost with out him. Still the best gift ever.

    1. elizabethr1963 Post author

      Lou, I am so sorry you’ve lost your old friend. When my last dog, Smokey, died it took me weeks to vacuum the Smokey sized patch of black dog hair beside my desk. It never gets easier.

  6. Marci

    One of the best presents I received was my first microwave oven when I was just starting college. I’m now 41 and I still have that same microwave and it still works!

  7. Beverly Gordon

    I have to say the greatest gift i ever received was from my nephew when he was three he seen one of those Zales diamonds are forever commercials where they say the perfect rock for any girl you love.So he went and searched the drive way for weeks for my self my mother and his momma the perfect rock was the greatest sweetest gift I ever got I stil have the rock too and hes 17 now

    1. elizabethr1963 Post author

      They are so funny at that age. I remember my eldest at three, coming in to us on Christmas morning with all the loot from his stock to show us, and saying, “Father Christmas brought all this. He’s a good man!

  8. Alison

    My best present was my daughter. She wasn’t born at Christmas, but I was heavily pregnant by then, and there’s something special about expecting a baby over Christmas. You really feel like part of the Nativity.

  9. elizabethr1963 Post author

    Hmm. Down here that would be summer. I’ve been pregnant in summer. Not my favourite time of the year for pregnancy. I felt dizzy and faint all the time in heat. I’m sure I would have fallen off a donkey.

  10. Marcy Shuler

    The best gift I ever got was the year my boys swore they heard Santa on the roof. The look on their faces was just magical. The talked about that for several years and still insisted it was true. LOL They’re 17 and 18 now and try to act like Christmas is no big deal, but I know they still remember and maybe still believe just a little bit.

  11. Donna Hammer Durnell

    I’ve received many wonderful gifts over the years, but one I will always remember was the mobile phone my hubby got me for birthday/Christmas back in the late 1990s. Big, bulky, heavy – but a way I could reach him, and he me. He was in seminary in TX & I was still in OK working.

  12. ute rozenbilds

    After my mother-in-law died, I put together a booklet of her best recipes, with her personality shining through eg take a handful of this, and a decent amount of that. No accurate measurements. Firm instructions that when preparing potato salad, everything must be chopped into SMALL pieces. Finally her standard advice – every dish can be improved upon with a glug of cream, preferably very thick.
    All her children, grandchildren and friends were sent a copy.
    And when the family gets together for Christmas Lunch, guess what the topic of conversation is- do you think the potato pieces are small enough, and would Irene have approved?
    She has now been dead for 15 years and still makes us laugh. Powerful lady.

  13. Diane Sallans

    I got a Budgie one Christmas so of course I named him Nicholas – Nicky for short – I just loved to watch him flit about and we would whistle a bit together. That was many years ago but I still think of Nicky whenever I spot a budgie (or as we called him a ‘parakeet’ – I’m not sure of that is th same or if there is a difference).

    1. elizabethr1963 Post author

      I think they are the same, Diane. They make great pets. Full of personality. I haven’t had one for years. We quite often have a young magpie if one falls out of its nest and needs rearing. They are delightful. Cheeky as anything, pulling the dogs’ tails and swinging on their ears.

  14. Kristie

    i’m so loving all of these sweet, romantic, touching stories of giving and receiving!! mine is kinda’ funny, at least now it is: our first christmas together, my husband bought me the absolute ugliest pink, size 2X (i’m a size 9!) fuzzy sweater! WTH! I went from laughing at it, to crying over it! Imagine his surprise when i re-gifted it to his mother that year! Now, 30 Christmas’s later, he has managed to redeem himself very nicely each and every Christmas! I’m thinking about publishing my own book, “how to train your beloved”,….

    1. elizabethr1963 Post author

      What is it with guys and ugly sweaters? My brother persuaded my parents to buy me a sweater for my twentieth birthday – pale blue with big, FURRY wombats on it. They even had little rubber claws. Didn’t want to disappoint Mum and Dad so I wore the thing for years, partially out of sheer cussedness. Could have killed my brother, though.
      I think a book on “How to train your beloved” is a very fine idea, although I doubt it would save anyone any time.

  15. eli yanti

    I got speaker from my friends when they knew I need one, and very happy because they remember and give the gift that I really want 🙂

  16. librarypat

    Our first Christmas after we were married, was not what we had planned. My husband was on Guam flying B-52 missions over Vietnam. I had flown over to join him for Thanksgiving and he was supposed to be home for Christmas joining me at his mother’s. The night I was to leave, we were getting ready to go out to dinner and then to take me to the airport. He was recalled to the base and restricted to quarters – they started bombing Hanoi the next morning. Before he left, he gave me a lovely double strand Mikimoto pearl necklace. I gave him a can of paint/finish restorer I’d brought over with me. I had purchased an Old Towne canoe for him and that was the only way I could give it to him so far from home. He didn’t make it home for Christmas, but I think we were able to celebrate the New Year together (it was 41 years ago, I don’t remember exactly what day he got back). We have gotten much enjoyment from both gifts.

    1. elizabethr1963 Post author

      The main thing is that he came back. That would have been so hard missing your first Christmas together. I’m not sure you’d be allowed to carry the paint these days, would you? How things have changed.

  17. catslady

    My very first pet was a wild barn cat when I was about 11. I had begged for a pet for years and years and was really surprised because my parents really didn’t want an animal. I always was and am still a lover of animals. I have 5 cats at the moment and work with ferals/strays. I’ve also had two wonderful dogs.

    1. elizabethr1963 Post author

      Hi Catslady! You probably know that you’re in the right place here. Two cats, three dogs, various other inmates. When I get my website sorted out I have to post pictures of the newbies. I begged for a kitten for years and Mum said no, because she was quite allergic to them. Eventually she let me have one on trial when I was about 10 and the family joke was that she never sneezed at a cat again!

      1. elizabethr1963

        It’s now definitely Friday morning US East Coast, and it’s nearly midnight on Friday where I am, so I’m going to go to bed. In the morning 9am Australian Central Time (Adelaide) I’m going to do a last check here and on Facebook, and my emails, for last entrants and then use a random number generator to choose a winner. I will post the winner on Saturday 30th both here and on Facebook as well as notifying her/him personally. All of you will remain on my list and be eligible for the Grand Draw on 23rd December for the Kindle Fire. Meanwhile it is Michelle Willingham hosting the Giveaway today, so hop on over to visit her and see what she’s up to http://www.michellewillingham.com/news/

  18. Penney Wilfort

    Mine would be a crochet afghan my Mom did for me years ago I still have it. It is very special to me.
    Also our pet parakeets I grew up with them and now our daughters love them as well we have 7 spoil rotten ones now.

  19. Artemis

    I would have to say one of the best gifts I have ever received would be the first Betty Crocker cookbook my Mom gave me years and years ago. But it was the little piece of advice that went along with it that I hold dear to this day. She told me, “If you can read, you can cook.”

  20. Denene

    I think the best present I received was my Keurig coffee maker from my sister. We were in the process of moving and I saw this amazing deal through one of those points sites for the coffee maker marked down from 140 to 55 dollars. It was 5 dollars over the amount she usually budgets me for presents! However, I showed her exactly how to purchase it for this amount and reminded her about it. She said she forgot about the deal and was unable to purchase it! On Christmas morning there was box of k-cups under the tree. The Keurig was in storage because of the move, but she still actually purchased it for me. This a big deal for me because she usually just gets me gift cards and this is the first physical present I have received from her in about 5 years, and it is something I really wanted.

  21. elizabethr1963 Post author

    And The Winner IS! Beverley Gordon! Beverley, I will email you shortly. Or you might beat me to it. Either way I will need you to let me know your address privately and tell me which of my books you would like me to send. Congratulations.
    Everyone else remains eligible for the Grand Draw for the Kindle Fire on the 23rd December. Good luck to all of you. Hopefully next week I will have my website sorted out. Thanks to all of you for making the effort to find me here.


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